Welcomes You

                                                                    Pastor Don Snyder

     In November of 1993, a church in Carbondale, Pennsylvania was started by faith. Little did this city realize what an important role this church would play in changing the lives of hundreds of people over the past decade. 

 The Pioneer Baptist Church was born because of the deep burden and love of its pastor, Don Snyder.

      Upon graduating from college. Pastor Snyder and his family had their first service on November 28 in the Cottage Hose Fire Hall with twenty-eight in attendance. Praise the Lord for the faithful few that stood behind the pastor and the cause of Christ during this crucial time.

     As the church grew, the need for a more stable and accommodating facility was needed. In 1995, a store-front building on North Main Street was where the Lord directed. Sunday School classes were added, as well as a nursery and a baptismal trough!. The devil worked hard to try to destroy this growing work; nevertheless, people were saved and lives changed every week. Not only were lives being changed in Carbondale, but also in foreign countries, as the church could now support missionaries!

     By the year 1997, the need for more parking and Sunday School space was inevitable. The Lord worked a miracle by using a handful of members, their pastor, and Mr. Joseph Slebodnik to purchase an old abandoned tavern. For years, the devil used 180 Gordon Avenue as a den of sin, but now it was to be used as a lighthouse for righteousness.

     Special memories of Christmas plays, banquets, "Big Days", church activities, New Years services, baptisms, salvations, and most importantly, the preaching of Gods Word, all flood the mind when remembering the last 15 years.

     Dr. Wendell Evans says: "Greatness is not measured in years, but in decades."

     In 2008, the Lord opened the door to merge with Worth Baptist Church and to move into the Worth Baptist Church building, where the Lord is performing a mighty work.